Media that promotes and inspired by Anarchy.


  Media in this century plays an important role of influences. Before all that, the history of the anarchy system had been developing since an early age. Practices came from different religions and ideologies from leader of certain parties/religions. Example, Taoism developed in ancient China has a philosophy of “non-rule” that lives and supports anarchist lifestyle.


There are movies,music,literature and artworks that supports/inspired by the movement. Shows/Movies/Games/Music like exp: V for vendetta, Sons of anarchy, SLC Punk, They Live, Rage, Sex Pistols, The clash had been inspired or is trying to send a message through out the world, helping us to realise what is going around in the world. And how could individual like so, could live and survive without a dominant leadership.



Influences from the culture to my artworks/out-look.

Ever since a child I was always the weird one among my friends, I started out listening to 90’s Punk-rock music since i was 12. Bands like Blink 182,Green Day, rage against the machine, Sum41 and Good Charlotte had changed my life (state of mind/fashion) from being out of the mainstream. I was always seen as a weirdo/misfits from my classmates, but later on i developed myself by being an individualist I met a few group of friends that share the similar interest. From that day on, things just started to evolve from what I create and what I wear. In my opinion, I believe that its a life-style that you should live in, comparably more than a fashion. Fashion fades but style remains.

Here is a few pictures of my punk inspired hair-styles and piercings

I use to had more crazy hair-styles back in high-school. I had punk inspired liberty spikes and 21st century (Emo) hair-style too. I still own pairs of ripped denim jeans, cut off sleeves denim jackets and I once drew designs on my pair of converse too.

I use to spike my hair too when I was 13 (only picture I could find )

My Works
A lot of people might say that graffiti is a form of rebellious act (vandalism) also relates to the whole anarchy system. I was yet to be influenced since in an early age, when i say underground subways fill and cover then scribbles/letters (graffiti). I was curious what does it mean or what does it represent, why would they spend their time doing that. Without further questioning, I asked my family what is it all about, they just told me a bunch of youth had nothing to do, they would spend they time destroying the city as and act of vandalism (graffiti). For that day on, I started my research and found out more than what is it about.

Here would be some “illegal” graffiti that I did
10525616_10152562784114207_2739578297857061511_n 420299_10151472664739207_20679879nn 2013-03-03 18.28.13.jpg_effected 10383014_10152451123844207_4344336359892982044_n

A lot of people might argue, graffiti its a form of vandalism that destroys the beauty of an city. Without graffiti, the town would not be a city, It would look dull and miserable.  Ads and commercials funded by operations are consider as legal advertisements? And graffiti on a wall without any cost of establishment would know as a form of illegal act? Graffiti a form of writing had existed since ancient time, way before the development of urban areas. It started out as cave drawings from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Roman empire.

Here are a few pieces that I did semi-legally from abandoned areas
1470091_10152115675659207_1812928371_n 1510898_10152388999309207_8405111531951959091_n 1525102_10152301238759207_1561485429_n 1558549_10152389000629207_3993801072473898997_n demolition dfg IMG_1362
In my experience , finding a legal spot its not easy and you would need to ask for permission. Sometimes, even permissions are not even accepted. When you tell someone that you are going to create an artwork based on spray paints, the first general view point of graffiti its vandalism. Close minded individual would forbid any form of art that would be create on the wall with spray paints are illegal? Yet, why could Ernest Zacharevic himself could uses a medium of brush works, having this time to paint on large scale buildings,funded and supported by local organisations is highly acquired?



70’s Punk fashion ( Piercings,tattoos, Body modifications and Accessories)

Accessories and decorations on clothing

Most accessories that would appeal on a punk would be safety pins, badges, metal objects, pad lock chain necklace, razor blade bracelets and etc. Sometimes the objects are complimented with ripped jeans and safety pins to hold their garments together. Additionally, with pieces of fabrics attached on their clothes, with hand painted logos/ slogan written on their jackets. Coming along with studs, pins and chains on their garments too. They would really wear out and create a unusual look that would stood out from the public, demonstrate and act of freedom/freewill from the community.

An idea jackets from a punk 


Piercings and tattoos 

The punks wanted more attention from society, as they went overboard not just by their outfit, they later on enhanced on to their body. The punks wanted anti fashion and anti establishment, that is why they broke against fashionable or socially accepted conventions from the mainstream by having tattooing and piercing. It is seemed that piercing and tattoos are a form of  particularly symbolic connotations of (Pain,rebel,self-destruction, deviance). Some punks had also piercings and tattoos that are Do It Yourself – ethos , as they believe tattoo parlours would be expensive. Thus, they would tattoos or pierce each other, safety pins normally indicates self-piercing.  Furthermore punks linked themselves to the working class movement by appropriating motifs of working class tattooing. (Wojcik, 1995)

Rooney Mara in the movie ‘ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’

Body Modification
To the certain extent of being a extremist, the term of “body modification” had been formed. In the simplest terms, “body modification” means to deliberately alter one’s physical appearance, though people usually assume the phrase applies only to such practices as tattooing and piercing or the more esoteric branding and scarification. (Lori St. Leone, 2010). As in most common views:  plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and body building are more socially accepted. Which it results on a aesthetic standard of beautifying an individual,even ear lobe piercings. Also, there are scarification all over the body in religious views.
One of the most famous body mod celeb Rick Genest A.K.A zombie boy

Little swastika, tattoo and body mod artist

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70’s Punk fashion and its influences (Clothing & hairstyle). Art of a Punk.


The punk fashion began with the designs of Malcolm McLaren and his girlfriend, Vivienne Westwood, when they brought their designs to the US in hopes that the band, New York Dolls would bring them into style. They brought it back to London and when McLaren became manager of the Sex Pistols, the Let it Rock line became the band’s wardrobe. This began the first of the man fashion statements of teh Punk Movement.

Many of the punk styles often aimed to be as shocking as possible. Mohawks, and many variations, became popular. Piercings, basically anywhere, were in and self-decorated leather jackets were a must. Other than that, any self-made clothing items were usually considered punk as well. (Aiur Media, March 2012)

 Vivienne Westwood

Punk fashion is a “deconstruction” as a “culture of waste”
. The punks has pushed on the destruction of the concept of fashion. The look of punks is associated with clothes that have been destroyed or put back together: the inside facing out, unfinished or damaged. Punk was an early manifestation of the concept of deconstruction.


Overview of a Punk rocker

The out look of a punk has been influenced by many ideologies and mind-sets of an individual punk. Where most of are much influenced by the acknowledgement of Punk Anarchy, anti-consumerism, anti-Fashion, do it yourself (DIY), individualism and more. Which most of them would purchase charity or second-hand used clothing to avoid consumerism. They would sew band patches on their cut off sleeveless denim with their skinny leather/denim jeans with boots (everything in black). With a touch of unique hair dye with their home-made food colouring products on their Mohawk. Where most of them try to have a unique look for themselves to attract attention from “Commoners”, it is a form of anarchy to raise awareness from the others by making a statement visually.
A look of a typical punk rocker

Here is a 70’s punk youth look book


Documentary on how the 70’s punks are influenced

Punk Hairstyles


The form of punk hairstyles had created an art form, whereby it gives an impression to others by raising their middle finger without doing it physically. One of the most common hairstyle is the Mohawk, but there are also different variations from it. Normally seen in Neon or vibrant colours, either male or female. Apart from the mainstream society, punks share the same idea of anti-fashion and anti-establishment by denoting freedom from their appearance.  One of the well-known hairstyle, liberty spikes  is so named because of the resemblance to the spikes on the head of the statue of liberty.
Benji Madden from Good Charlotte 


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Punks not dead. A further understanding of the movement.


Although a lot of people may argue that the true 70’s punk culture had came into and end. Despite that controversial statement, it is going through a phrase of evolving than dying. The origin of the punk movement had created a legacy with evolutionary variety sub-culture ever since from the 70’s to the 21st century.

Here is a documentary about the movement and the life style/ideologies on how punks perceives. (World wide)

90’s bands

Punk will never die, as it always will be evolutionary since from their roots.

PUNK WILL NEVER DIE: Youth subculture from the 70s is back and kickin’

The Exploited one of the pioneers, first impulses of the 1976 punk movement also a punk-rock Irish band, had released an album called “Punks not dead” is to response to the critics by believing that the genre is dead.


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After tutorial session

After having a short discussion on my essay topic No.5. I have a slight idea on how to improve/research by focusing on certain ideologies that reflects the attitude and fashion of the early 70’s Punk rock movement. Without further ado, here are a few short list that was mention and stated during the tutorial session.

Attitude affected by: – Anarcho punk/punk rock 70’s (Music)
Classic punk bands
Classic Punk Anarcho bands


Ideologies: Anti-establishment, equality, freedom, anti-authoritarianism, individualism,
direct action, free thought and non-conformity.
– Media: – punk politics include anarchism, individualism, socialism, anti-militarism,
anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-nationalism, anti-homophobia,
environmentalism, vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights.
Punk Anarchy Logo  

– Punk Fashion: – Anti consumerism, DIY, clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, tattoos, jewellery,
body modification,unique identity.

70’s Punk fashion


Question No.5 as my final choice.

Ever since after decades of World War ll, there has been a lot of changes among the perceptions from individuality. Each individual comes from different culture/movement has their own life-style. Which they believe, that shows them how the mindset of these cultural divisions states on their knowledge. Thus they had form a certain community that shares the same ideal and live out from it.

The movement/culture that I chose is Punk anarchy, subculture that includes the ideal of anarchy,fashion, music and life-style. The main idea of the whole movement its to be against capitalism. There are a series of evolution, since the movement developed from 70’s through out to 21st century. However, I will be focusing on the decade of late 70’s where part of the original movement that came from United Kingdom.